Drug Shortages and Risk Management: The Role of the Distributor

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In recent years, the issue of drug shortages has become increasingly critical. Disruptions in the supply of essential medicines not only put patients’ health at risk, but can also undermine trust in the healthcare system. In this context, the role of distributors of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is crucial. As an API distributor our mission is to ensure a stable and reliable supply of essential pharmaceutical ingredients to the industry, thus contributing to the continuity of therapies and patient safety.

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The Causes of Drug Shortages

Drug shortages can be attributed to various factors, including:

1. Manufacturing Problems: Manufacturing defects, disruptions in production lines, or quality issues can reduce drug availability.

2. Sudden Demand: Events such as pandemics or natural disasters can suddenly increase demand for certain drugs, exceeding production capacity.

3. Regulatory Issues: Delays in regulatory approvals or changes in regulations may cause disruptions in supply.

4. Logistics and Distribution: Problems in the supply chain, including transportation delays and shortages of raw materials, can affect the availability of medicines.

The Role of the API Distributor

Old Pharma as an API distributor plays a critical role in managing the risk associated with drug shortages. Our responsibility goes beyond simply providing APIs; involves a series of strategic activities aimed at mitigating risks and ensuring continuity of supply.

Between these:

1. Diversification of Supply Sources: We partner with a global network of API manufacturers, diversifying our sources to minimize the risk of disruption. This approach allows us to react quickly to changes in the market and maintain a constant supply.

2. Constant Market Monitoring: We continuously monitor market trends and production conditions. This proactive vigilance allows us to predict potential deficiencies and take preventative measures.

3. Quality Management: We implement rigorous quality controls to ensure that the supplied APIs comply with regulatory standards.

4. Collaboration with Regulatory Authorities: We maintain close collaboration with regulatory authorities to ensure that our products comply with current regulations. This allows us to promptly address any regulatory changes that may affect supply.

5. Business Continuity Planning: We develop business continuity plans to address emergencies and disasters. This includes warehousing strategies, alternative logistics and rapid response plans.

The Value of Partnership

As an API distributor, Old Pharma’s goal is to create strong and reliable partnerships with our customers. We offer technical support and consultancy to help pharmaceutical manufacturers manage their supply needs. Our experience and commitment to quality make us a trusted partner in addressing critical drug shortage challenges and ensuring their availability to patients.

Managing the risk of drug shortages is a complex challenge that requires an integrated and proactive approach. As a distributor of active pharmaceutical ingredients, we are at the forefront of this battle, working tirelessly to ensure that the pharmaceutical industry can rely on a stable, high-quality supply of APIs. Our commitment to source diversification, constant market monitoring, quality management and collaboration with regulatory authorities allows us to significantly contribute to patient safety and health.

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