Our Services

Old Pharma International offers
a wide range of services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Strategic sourcing

  • Targeted search and APIs from qualified suppliers
  • Audit at Italian and foreign API production sites
  • Scouting new suppliers / products / applications

Market trend & strategy

  • Monitoring of patent expiry by therapeutic class
  • Analysis of the product portfolio at 3-5 years and identification of new opportunities
  • Identification of molecules / pharmaceutical forms of potential interest for our customers

Business development

  • Development of long-term research projects with Customers and Suppliers
  • Co-participation in strategic projects
  • Identification of partner / production site able to develop a process through a non-patented way of synthesis
  • Supply of dossiers and finished products


  • Regulatory support during the registration process of APIs in compliance with GMP / GDP
  • Audit of manufacturers, evaluation, qualification and monitoring of production sites
  • Constant monitoring and real-time updating of the technical documentation of our Suppliers
  • DMF drafting


  • 2 Qualified Persons (QP)
  • GMP warehouse at controlled temperature, inspected and authorized by AIFA
  • Authorization for direct importation from non-European countries


  • Identification of new market opportunities
  • Elaboration of the pharmaceutical and commercial development strategy
  • Involvement of partners with specific skills
  • Discussion of new business models